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How To Order

Placing an order to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies couldn’t be any easier. Start the process to your financial freedom. Place order below by filling the Order Form. We’ll give you a call to confirm your order and give you a transaction id and our account details to make payment. You can also call us or chat with us through any of our channels once you place your order online.

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  • We buy @ N350

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  • We buy @ N350


  • We buy @ N350


  • We buy @ N350


  • We buy @ N350


  • We buy @ N350

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is E-Currency?2018-01-06T19:42:20+00:00

E-Currency means Electronic Currency and is a means of exchange with which you can make and receive payments online.

What is Cryptocurrency?2018-01-06T19:42:51+00:00

A Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

How safe are E-Currencies and what can I do with them?2018-01-06T17:48:34+00:00

No one can guarantee the safety of e-currencies, they can disapear anytime. Just buy/keep as much as you need only. E-Currencies are used online as means of exchange for goods and services over the internet. Before you can use e-currency, the merchant/beneficiary must accept it. E-currencies are mostly used for Forex, Gambling/games, Investments, ad bookings, hosting/Domain names, etc.

I don’t have an E-Currency account. How can I get one?2018-01-06T17:52:05+00:00

There are so many e-currencies. To get an account with any, check our Homepage and click on the logo of the e-currency to get an account. Most of them are free.

How do I go about it if I wish to sell to you?2018-01-06T17:57:20+00:00

If you wish to sell PM or any other e-currency, please give us a call. After transferring to us, you will provide your GTB account, amount that you transferred and the batch number. We will credit you within minutes.

I already have an E-Currency account, how can I fund it?2018-01-06T17:59:01+00:00

Global Axis Exchange is a leading and very reliable e-currency exchange company where you can buy/sell e-currencies with peace of mind. As a new customer to us, you must be verified or referred before you can buy.

How and Why must I be verified before I can buy from you?2018-01-06T18:00:29+00:00

New intended customers MUST undergo verification before they can start making purchases. You would be required to provide a valid ID card and proof of ownership of two bank accounts. It is not meant for other security purposes or third party disclosure other than for us to be sure you own the account you are paying from.

How much do you sell and how can I go about it?2018-01-06T18:10:47+00:00

The price flunctuates. Always check the price table on our home page before making payment. If payment was made before a price change, the price as at the time payment was confirmed would apply.

How long does it take for my account to be funded?2018-01-06T18:11:58+00:00

We try our best to serve our prestigious and numerous customers as prompt as possible. In our office, we do instant funding most time. Through bank, we do same day funding but it might extend to within 24hrs in few occasions.

I made a Western Union transfer but my funding is delayed.2018-01-06T18:12:38+00:00

If you have sent WU, you must provide the following information; Sender, Receiver, Amount, MTCN, Question & Answer and Address.

I sent a wrong account, how can you assist?2018-01-06T18:13:17+00:00

If you notify us before we complete transfer of funds to the account you provided in error, we can fund your new account. However, if we have already funded the provided account, we will not be liable or be able to assist in anyway. You may contact the person whose account was funded.

If I want to convert my e-currency to cash, how do I do that and how long will it take for me to get paid in Naira?2018-01-06T18:14:28+00:00

We’ll buy it from you and pay you in cash or into your bank account. You can come to our office or place a SELL order on our website and instructions will be sent to your e-mail when approved. Please do not send to our account before approval except otherwise instructed so. We pay either same day or within 48 business hours.

Can I pay cash at your office?2018-01-06T18:15:41+00:00

Yes, we can accept any cash amount before 4.00 pm. (GMT +1) in our office. However, we prefer depositing into our bank accounts.

Which banks do you use?2018-01-06T18:16:59+00:00

We handle payments through our accounts with Guaranty Trust Bank, FCMB, Diamond Bank, First Bank, Zenith Bank and Access Bank. We can add more banks anytime. Please call us for account our details.

What If I change my mind and Want a refund?2018-01-06T19:31:56+00:00

We can offer you a refund but that must be in accordance with our refund policy. See Terms and conditions Page for the policy.

What’s your working/support hours?2018-01-06T19:32:51+00:00

We work 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday – Fridays ONLY. Our Support phones are only available during our working hours. Our Yahoo Messenger, BBM and Whatsapp are available anytime 24/7.

Do I get a reward for referring someone?2018-01-06T19:38:12+00:00

No, our website has no referral program at the moment.

I noticed an error in the amount credited to my account. What should I do?2018-01-06T19:34:47+00:00

Just use the form on our contact page to inform us of the details of the error. We will act on it promptly.

I made payment some few days ago but forgot to notify you?2018-01-06T19:35:30+00:00

We can always fund but our current rate on the day you notify us will apply.

My question is not answered here. What should I do?2018-01-06T19:36:37+00:00

Contact us with your question through our contact addresses.


We provide E-Currency services ONLY. We neither sell recharge cards, Travel Visas, Lotteries nor give job offers. If any body tells you to pay into our accounts for such services, it is a SCAM. Verify and confirm any claim by contacting us directly.

Global Axis Nigeria Limited will not be responsible for such claims.